SANGAM - Recording and Submission Guidelines

Recording Guidelines

Tutorial on how to record your video:


!! Important and Critical Video Recording Guidelines !! 


Check your frame to avoid any sharp lighting that directly falls on your face to get rid of any shadows on you and the background. 

Have light reflected on your face rather than have it come directly on your face. This avoids shadows.


Before recording your video on your phone, go to Settings and select Camera. Select the 1080 HD option at 30 FPS (frame per second). This will ensure a video of acceptable quality. A minute video with 1080 HD at 30 FPS will occupy approximately 60 MB of memory space.


Make sure to shoot your video only in LANDSCAPE mode (horizontal). 
Please avoid shooting in portrait mode (vertical). To record a stable video, fix your phone on a tripod or keep the device at your EYE LEVEL, not above or below.

Avoid Backlighting

Avoid having a window or light source behind you when you record. Make sure that light falls on your face from the front or from a side.

Lock Focus and Exposure

Focus the camera properly on your face before you start recording. Make sure your face is lit and visible clearly. Ensure your camera lens is not smudged.

File Format

Please submit your video file in .mp4 or .mov format.

Avoid adding effects on your voice

Do not add effects on your voice. Make sure your voice remains natural while you sing.


Sample Video:
Note: Kindly check with your teacher for a dress code to follow while recording the video.


Submission Guidelines
Once you have recorded your video, select your genre, and click on your composition name below to upload your video.

Click on your composition name to open a Google Drive folder. You may drag and drop your video file to upload. 

Please make sure to name your video file in this format:
"full name_course_composition.mp4"
Example: sahanasrinivas_HV101_thumakchalat.mp4

Note: Please upload all your recordings, carefully following the guidelines, by 15th November 2023. Beyond this date, we will not be able to accept your submissions. 

Submit your video below: