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Problem in downloading recorded classes

Hello, Many a times there is need to check out recorded classes,when i we miss it or to listen again.Its very important facility given but unfortunately it is not downloadable at all .It takes 2 hrs or even more to get atleast 15 to 20 mins classes to download I am sure that every one might be facing this problem. I have already requested support team to do something about it.but they say it will take time..I hope there might be some solution to it like breaking the video into smaller chunks and then downloading etc....

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It would take just 10-15 mins to download the class recording if you have a broadband with minimum 2 mbps of speed. If you are unable to play the recording after downloading, please download webex .arf player from this link: Support@SMA

Support Student 2013-02-23

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At least you are able to see the recordings. My daughter has just started taking the classes. Of her 4 classes, we ONLY have 1 class recording - that too made available after repeated requests. Support to them means that they open a ticket, follow up on that when they feel like, and don't resolve the issue.

Anjali Prabhu 2014-10-19

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Ansar Khan 2015-10-31