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New OM Riyaaz Recorder

here is one of the students talking about it.. Date: Tue, May 15, 2012 at 5:54 PM Subject: new OM Book audio recorder To: shankar mahadevan <> Hi, I tried the new audio recorder, exellent!!! it is better quality, no any distabance very clear, outstanding improvment !!! well done. Thank you very much, Best Regards, Dharshan.

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I really like the new audio recorder. It is very classy

Melinda Vel 2012-06-27

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arjun kumar 2013-01-20

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While recording for asessments the acaedmy gives the facility of uploading our audio which has been already recorded using another recorder ( instead of the recorder provided). Why cant the same facility be given while recording practice recordings. I ask this because sometimes I have experienced issues with the academy provided recorder. So why cant the same option be given for practice recordings, as has been given for assessment recordings. Ravi Kumar Agarwal HV205

Ravi Agarwal 2021-05-14