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In this course, we reinforce the basic concepts of pitch, swaras, beat patterns, tempo, dynamics and expression and take it a level up by introducing simple swara patterns and note values. Students will learn about two important instruments Tanpura and Tabla. They will also learn a new set of age relevent songs in English, Hindi and a regional/foreign language. 


Course Format

Batch Size: 3 (Online Classes), 15 (InCampus Classes)

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 mins lesson per week 



  • Introduce simple swara patterns
  • Explore rhythm patterns with Bols 
  • Learn to sing swaras in dugun(double tempo) and chaugun(quadruple tempo)
  • Learn rhythmic ostinato and create a rhythmic ostinato
  • Learn 5 or more age relevant songs in English, Hindi and one Indian/Foreign language song

  • Age 4+ to 6 years
  • Completion of GWM102C
  • Steady beat and Tempo
  • Grouping of beats
  • Note Values
  • Dugun , Tigun, Chaugun
  • Tabla
  • Pitch
  • Swaras
  • Swara patterns
  • Tanpura
  • Loud and Soft
  • Piano, Forte
  • Crescendo and Decrescendo
  • Dynamic Levels
  • Tanpura
  • Tabla
  • Nagar Nagar
  • I love the mountains
  • Deep jale hai
  • We all love to play
  • Mapalle Palinchu
  • Revision
Summative Assessment/Performance
  • Summative Assessment/Performance


Students will be able to : 

  • Sing simple patterns to appropriate beat pattern 
  • Sing swaras in dugun (double tempo) and Chaugun(quadruple tempo)
  • Sing the lines of a song changing dynamic levels as instructed
  • Create a rhythmic ostinato and sing a song to it
  • Sing a repertoire of songs in English, Hindi and an Indian/ Foreign language.