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12 week(s)
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In this course students will learn to perfect  pitching, usage of notes, understanding one's range and its full potential ,understanding and perfecting different registers of voice and also using them in singing film songs ,learning voice culture skills and its application to improve flexibility while singing songs. This course introduces students to different genres of Indian music namely Sufi, Ghazal, Carnatic, Hindustani and using skill sets from these genres to sing film songs.   The student will try exercises by applying the learning during the course. Once the student has an understanding of the technical side of performing, the student can also observe others perform, noting which elements he/she likes. The student can then try some of those things out in the company of friends, family and in real performances.

Course Format

Duration: 12 weeks, one 45 min lesson per week


  • Learning exercises to sing with flexibility of voice

  • Be adaptable to notes and rhythm in the melody
  • Learn to understand the nuances of the compositions 
  • Learn to glide in various registers of voice while singing songs.
  • Understand one's range and improve on it
  • Introduction to the basics of Sufi and Ghazal element in music that are adaptable in film music
  • Learning about skills from the Carnatic genre of Indian music that are adaptable in film music
  • Learning about skills from  the Hindustani genre of Indian music that adaptable to film music

Students are required to complete Voice Gym 1, 2 and 3 before enrolling for this course
Recap of Voice gym modules
  • Introduction
  • Revision of all the exercises done in previous modules
  • Practice Tips
Voice culture warm ups
  • Extended warm ups on building up, summation of phrases
  • Practice Tips
  • Notes exercises for voice flexibility
  • Rhythm, mixed speeds in compositions
  • Practice Tips
Octave Leaps
  • Traversing octaves in songs
  • Skip larger intervals and melodic motion
  • Practice Tips
Voice Types and application
  • Understand voice types
  • Intro to adaptation of harmonic phrases in Indian music
  • Practice Tips
Introduction to Sufi
  • Understand and Appreciate sufi songs
Introduction to Ghazal
  • Understand to sing a Ghazal genre
Introduction to Carnatic Genre
  • Learn to sing a Kriti in Carnatic genre
Introduction to Hindustani Genre
  • Learn how to sing a Bhajan in Hindustani genre
Introduction to Medleys
  • Learn how to sing Medleys with a flow

At the end of the course, the students will

  • Improve voice flexibility

  • Appreciate nuances of the flow of composition
  • Know how notes glide and jump between octaves in a song
  • Be able to understand voice types, singing highs and lows
  • Be able to attempt to sing a sufi or a ghazal number
  • Awareness of Indian classical genres Hindustani and Carnatic
  • Know how to sing a bhajan composed in the Hindustani style.
  • Know how to sing a kriti in the Carnatic style
  • Awareness on how to sing a Medley with a flow
  • Know how to practice productively