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Voice Gym I


Students enrolling to Voice Gym1 would be asked to submit an assessment to satisfy the pre-requisite for this course The pre-requisites are:
1. Basic knowledge of Swaras
2. Ability to sing with Tanpura. Students are required to have a Shruti Box or a Tanpura software. 
3.  Tanpura softwares like iTanpura or iTablaPro or any other software. 

Students will be eligible to take this course if they qualify the requirements based on the prerequisite submitted.



Building and maintaining a budding or experienced singer's voice is akin to maintaining the wellness of their body. This course works on teaching the basic functioning and mechanics of voice production and using a singer’s voice to its optimal capacity. Various techniques are taught to sing from the abdomen versus singing from the throat, which is detrimental in the long run. Deep breathing exercises and related techniques help in achieving these goals. Each session will consist of warm up exercises, breathing exercises, and lessons combining breathing and singing. The course begins with basic notes and progress to actual singing and as the course progresses the student will be guided to use their voice effectively, to be able to sing to their best potential, without causing any damage or injury to the vocal mechanisms. If students have any voice or speech issues, these will be addressed during the course with personalized exercises.