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Hindustani Vocal for Children 100A


The minimum age for this course is 6 years completed. This course is best suited for children from 6 years to 9 years of age. 


The HV100 series of courses for children are designed to introduce young children to Hindustani Music. These courses provide a foundation for young children to enjoy and appreciate Indian music. The lessons introduce the children to the fundamentals of Hindustani music with an approach of generating curiosity. Introducing music early helps in the all-round development of the child. 

The concepts of Sur and Laya are weaved into interesting poetry and rhythm. The songs taught are drawn from Nature poetry, Children’s songs in simple Hindi, Prayers and verses.  The child is led to a discovery of Swaras, Raga and Taal through the process of learning these songs.

The HV100 courses provide a strong foundation of voice culture, listening skills, Swara patterning skills, Rhythm concepts and exercises to develop correlation of Swaras to sound while building a repertoire of songs that they could perform. These courses encourage creative thinking by introducing them composing exercises.

The course HV100A starts with a beautiful Ganesh Vandana ‘Gananatha Gajavadana’ that is accompanied by a drawing activity. There are Shlokas and chirpy songs interspersed with melodious Swara passages.