A Worldwide Talent Hunt For The Next Young Musical Sensation

Win and earn a chance to be the little superstar who features in Shankar Mahadevan’s next song. 

SMA Awaz Junior is looking for a fresh, young voice that the world is waiting to hear. 

We are looking for young, talented tiny tots who have the ability to touch millions of hearts with their voice -

a voice that can express depth and passion. And this can voice can be yours.


Prize money. Priceless rewards.

Wait, there’s more—attractive cash prizes for the Top 3 SMA Awaz Junior finalists! 

Winner:  Rs 2,00,000
Second place:  Rs 50,000
Third place:  Rs 25,000


What you need to do


1. Read the terms and conditions of SMA Awaz Junior
(contest open to Singers and Artists between the ages of 5 and 14 (as of April 2022) only)
2. Pay the contest entry fee: INR 5499 (participants from India) or USD 149 (participants from overseas).



Enrollments close on 15 July 2022.