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OM Riyaaz for some songs does not reflect the song taught by coa

Hi: The OM Riyaaz which is key for self practice sometimes does not reflect the adlib/mukhda/antara taught by coach. I like how the coaches portray the rendtition of original songs; however, I find that the OM Riyaaz which is important, does not reflect the melody correctly. For example, for "abhi na jaao chodkar", antara 2, the riyaaz does not allow the stretch and inflection on the first occurence of "bas ab na mujhko toknaa". Also in the song "Behti hawaa", in the adlib, the Om Riyaaz does not show the hum or have a gap to allow for it. I also find that in the Om Riyaaz, words are displayed almost just in time vs provide few lines ahead of the one playing, and sometimes the words are a little out of step from piano (towards end part of second antara of abhi na jaao)