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The Trinity College Initial Grade Acoustic Guitar course is designed to teach essential musical concepts to a beginner guitarist in accordance with the Acoustic Guitar Syllabus of the Internationally recognized Trinity College London. This course will not only get the student up and running to begin playing music, but will also prepare them thoroughly for the Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade Initial Exam..

The performance pieces for this grade are as follows 

 Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers, arr. Rye

Amazing Grace - Newton, arr. Walker

Ohh When the Saints - Trad, arr. Walker

Redemption Song - Bob Marley, arr. Walker

Rockin' the Country - Duncan

Stegosaurus Strut - Powlesland

Summer Rain - T J Walker

Surfin' Safari - The Beach Boys (Wilson & Love)

White Windmill - T J Walker


The Technical Exercises for this Grade are as follows

Scales - C Major & G Major

Arpeggios - C Major, G Major & D Minor


All Trinity College London courses will train student(s) to prepare for Trinity College London examinations. The exams and certifications are external and registration for this can be completed by going to



◗ To build on the basic concepts of music and technique as taught in  our “Fundamentals of Guitar” Course

◗ To develop the ability to sight-read modern musical staff notation

◗ To improve basic ear training abilities and to develop the ability to identify musical information by listening to music

◗ To help prepare thoroughly for the Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade Initial Exam.

Course Prerequisites

◗ Student should be 8 years and above

◗ Student should have their own guitar so that they can practice at home

◗ Interest in music and willingness to learn the instrument as well as practice

GuitarTuna tuning app on their mobile device

◗ Student should have completed our “Fundamentals of Guitar” Course

Students should have the relevant books for Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade Initial Course

Guitar Technique
  • Recap of our “Fundamentals of Guitar” Course
  • Expansion of Guitar Technique capabilities
  • Plectrum & Fingerpicking Technique
Rhythm & Notation
  • Modern Musical Staff Notation
  • Sight Reading Techniques
Musical Improvisation
  • Basics of Musical Improvisation
  • Stylistic Stimulus
  • Motivic Stimulus
  • Harmonic Stimulus
Musical Knowledge
  • Musical concepts in relation to staff notation
Ear Training
  • Basics of Ear Training
  • Identification of Musical elements
  • Additional Scales along with Arpeggios
  • Trinity Songbook
  • Compositional Techniques


After completion of this course, the student will be able to:

◗ Improve upon on the knowledge gained from our “Fundamentals of Guitar” Course

◗ Read modern musical notation by sight reading sheet music

◗ Understand musical concepts in greater detail in an internationally accepted convention

◗ Take the Trinity College London - Acoustic Guitar Grade Initial Exam.