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The Bhajan 'Hari Hari Japle' describes the significance of chanting.  This song is set to Raga Bageshri. Bageshri is a beautiful night melody. This Raga can be explored in all three Saptaks and is one of the most preffered Ragas for classical music concerts. The Raga is well suited for different genres of music. The student is intrduced the Raga structure while learning the Bhajan.

Course Format

Raga Bageshri description

Hari Hari Japle- learning



Skill Level HV202

Raga Bageshri description
  • Aaroh Avaroh of Bageshri
  • Swar Malika in Bageshri
  • Bhajan Taal
Hari Hari Japle- learning
  • Hari Hari Japle- Poetry
  • Hari Hari Japle- Swaras
  • Hari Hari Japle- learning and practice