USD 405


USD 405


Course duration
12 week(s)
Max class size
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This course aims to delve deeper into the basic percussive concepts discussed in IPK101 in order to bring out the nuances of rhythmic compositions.

Course Format

  • 12 sessions of 45 minutes each. 
  • Online batch size: Minimum of 1 maximum of 3 participants


- Modern beats

- Off-, gapped- and complex rhythms

- High tempo

- Mathematics as a tool for percussive problem-solving

  • (Must have) Knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, highest common factor, least common multiple.
  • (Must have) Completed IPK101
  • (Optional) Knowledge of algebra
What’s a Beat
  • Indirect Beats
  • Complex Pulses
What’s Rhythm
  • Gapped Rhythms in Chattusram and Thisram
What’s Tempo
  • 0.5x and 2x speeds
Understanding Uncommon Rhythms (Mathematical Involvement)
  • Khandam (5/4)
  • Misram (7/4)
Language of Konnakol
  • Sarvalagus (The Beginning)
  • Theermanams (The End)
Sight-reading and aural
  • Read and recite
  • Listen and write

At the end of this course, the participant/student will be able to 

1. Identify and follow complex beat patterns

2. Articulate intricate rhythmic patterns

3. Solve rhythmic problems mathematically

4. Follow and appreciate the intricacies of percussion solos to a significant extent